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Team-centric Solutions

realize the power of your team in a matter of minutes, by adopting a centralized, collaborative and cost-effective solution that integrates with your business workflow and leverages your existing infrastructure.

Out-of-the-box Solutions
Our out-of-the-box products provide a turnkey solution to many types of business problems and shortcomings. Most of our products automate the service value chain and other many intrinsic activities to help you and your team to be productive and deliver professional services to customers. learn more


Extend your Office & SharePoint
An environment of rapidly changing market dynamism and scarce skilled human resources often complicate the streamlining of your business processes. Today in business, where people make the difference, automation makes the difference for people. Our CRM and ERP solutions are build on top of your existing investments such as Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint.

Today, AssistMyTeam is helping more and more small and medium organizations and businesses become more information-driven, even more dynamic.

Looking for a custom solution?

Extend the functionality of our products and solutions to include certain wish lists with a customized version of the product. Integrate more of your in-house operations and streamline your business workflows into our existing solutions. The level of customizations is only limited by your imagination!
learn more

Join our Academic License Program!
We believe strongly in supporting educational institutions throughout the world. If you represent a school, college or university, join our Academic License Program (ALP) to get the benefit of deploying and using our products in your institution for free. learn more


Charity or non-profit organization - Apply for a Non-Profit License!
If you work for a charity, trust or non-profit organizations, get in touch. We often grant Non-Profit licenses (which is usually around 50% discount). learn more

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Team CRM for Outlook
Helps develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies in your organization all within the familiar Microsoft Outlook.. Home Page | Download | How It Works | Video

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Who use
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