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Personal Helpdesk for Outlook

ITIL guided helpdesk system for individual support person, with seamless integration of Microsoft Outlook. Auto-process incoming supports requests and send automated emails or SMS alerts. Integrated knowledge base, asset tracking and OLAP statistics...

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1 Automatically add due date appointment and task entries and enable Outlook reminders in the concerned technician's mailbox Rehana Rahman 993
2 Asset inventory tracking and management in Personal Helpdesk System Rehana Rahman 976
3 I inadvertently deleted one of the Personal Helpdesk subfolder in Outlook. How can I get a backup copy without re-installing the whole folders? Rehana Rahman 653
4 Solution to “The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator.” Rehana Rahman 704
5 Outlook freezes when I navigate to the Personal Helpdesk Ongoing Cases folder. How can I fix it? Rehana Rahman 722
6 How to assign a new case number to an existing case? Rehana Rahman 828
7 "This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted!" Rehana Rahman 4276
8 After customizing the support case form for Ongoing Cases folder, the case number always remains the same for every new case we create. How do I fix this? Rehana Rahman 1244
9 Personal Helpdesk failed to send out outgoing emails using a specified common account. How do I fix it? Rehana Rahman 1126
10 Office365 does not support public folder, then how to configure the Personal Helpdesk folder in outlook? Rehana Rahman 1264
11 Migrating Personal Helpdesk folders to a new location Rehana Rahman 788
12 Personal Helpdesk add-in is installed, but does not show up in Outlook Rehana Rahman 847
13 Is there any setting where I can set a particular mailbox (say, '') as the default account from which we send our support answers? Rehana Rahman 506
14 Understanding Reporting variables: Elapsed duration, Response Duration, Resolution Duration, Open Duration Rehana Rahman 629
15 How can I add/attach files to a case item in Outlook? Administrator 661
16 How to upgrade the Outlook case form for the Ongoing/Resolved Cases folders with to newer version Administrator 963
17 "The form required to view this message cannot be displayed" - How to fix it? Administrator 592
18 How do I configure Customer Web Service (CWS) on IIS 7? Rehana Rahman 690
19 How can I get an extended or fresh trial of Personal Helpdesk for Outlook? Administrator 922
20 I received "The custom form cannot be opened. Outlook will use an Outlook form instead. The operation failed" Administrator 1788
21 Re-installing and updating the Outlook forms for Personal Helpdesk folders (i.e., Ongoing Cases, Resolved Cases, KB subfolders) Administrator 1547
22 Understand how Personal Helpdesk System supports making calls using attached phones or Skype Administrator 650
23 Understand how Personal Helpdesk System supports SMS using HTTP gateway or Skype Administrator 974