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Convert, Combine, Concatenate or Email any files or folder as PDF in a click from the comfort of your Windows Explorer with 'File to PDF for Windows'

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Leverage your Microsoft Outlook - to save emails and attachments to PDF
Email to PDF add-in equips your Microsoft Outlook to save emails and attachments (120+ different file types) to Portable Document Format, or popularly known as PDF. Merge multiple emails and their attachments to generate a single one PDF document along with bookmarks, page numbers for easy navigation and references. Forward emails as PDF, convert attachments in outgoing emails or meeting requests to PDF before sending. Use email metadata to name generated PDF files. Produce secured, password protected PDFs with options to lock down PDFs i.e., restrict printing and copying content functionality. If you are producing PDFs for public domain, identify ownership by watermarking PDF documents with your company name or logo, and protect your intellectual property.


To be even more productive, automate Outlook to save incoming emails and attachments to PDF to a file repository - a very useful way of archiving or book keeping records as part of company's email retention policy. Leverage your investment in Microsoft Office and make Outlook a PDF authoring and publishing station that do more than just viewing and sending emails.

Turning your emails and attachments into PDF documents makes them portable, smaller, searchable and generally easier to view, print, store and share, independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. This makes PDF the most usable and suitable format for all types of business presentations. 'Email to PDF' add-in brings this versatility of PDF right in your in Microsoft Outlook - all these and more without any print driver or Acrobat software.


Quick Video Demo - Save emails and attachments to PDF in Outlook
(includes merging and batch processing multiple emails and attachments to PDF etc.)

Highlights: (Latest version: v10 released on 21st May 2019 - release note)


Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook*


Supports export to the following document formats:
- Adobe Portable document (.pdf)
- XML Paper Specification document (.xps)
- Microsoft Word document (.doc)
- Web-archive single page (.mht)
- Filtered webpage (.htm)
- Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 document (.docx)
- Rich Text Format (.rtf)
- OpenDocument Text (.odt)


Apply watermark image or text to PDF (i.e., company logo or name) NEW


Secure PDF documents by setting a user password for viewing NEW


Set security restrictions to PDF documents such as ability to edit or print NEW


Works with mail, appointment and task items


Preserves inline images and hyperlinks in the PDF.


Images with HTTP URLs are automatically saved locally and the links updated to make them available in the generated PDF documents.


Process multiple emails, appointments or tasks in batch mode and export to multiple PDF documents.


Use a generic incremental name or the subject of the email, appointment or task to name the output PDF files generated in batch mode.


Merge multiple emails, appointments or tasks into a single PDF.


Append the emails and attachments to an existing PDF file


Automatically export incoming emails to PDF. Additionally, choose a 'one PDF' file option to append incoming emails and their attachments to maintain a single searchable PDF document for a mailbox.


Dynamic naming scheme for generated documents, by using metadata information from the email (e.g., Subject, Received Time, Sender....)


Automatically embed PDF version of the attachments back to the original Outlook email for easy viewing in iPad, iPhone and other tablet devices


Supports conversion of attachments of 120 or more different formats to PDF.


Works with Outlook 2007, 2013, 2016, 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit)


Supports the following languages - English, Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

* Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 (both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported).

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Purpose of this add-in

Starting Office 2007, Microsoft had provided a free add-on known as ‘Save As PDF & XPS’ for saving Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents to PDF and XPS documents (XPS format being Microsoft’s alternative to PDF, but never gained much traction). With Office 2010 release, saving to PDF documents was natively supported in Word, Excel, PowerPoint applications but not in Microsoft Outlook. This mean you were still unable to save emails and their attachments to PDF documents. And the latest Outlook 2019 is no different. The workaround is, to make use of 3rd party PDF visual print drivers to output to PDF, but you don’t have much control over output (for instance, it cannot print the attachments that came with the email, nor it can generate a single, merged PDF file containing multiple emails and attachments). Additionally, Adobe Acrobat provides a plug-in extension for Outlook email client to save emails to PDF. But you will need to purchase or subscribe to the whole Acrobat software eco-system which is quite an expensive investment.


Email to PDF for Outlook‘ is designed to run as an add-in process, fully context driven with seamless integration in UI ribbons and brings the much needed PDF authoring capability to your Microsoft Outlook to:

bullet Save emails along with their attachments to PDF, either as a single merged file (containing both email and attachments), or to separate PDF files, each for the attachment and one for email.
bullet Combine multiple emails and their attachments to a one single PDF file. Bookmarks of the emails and attachments and page number are automatically added to the PDF output acting kind of a guiding tree.

Notice in the PDF output document below (screenshot), when the attachment is a composite or compressed file (i.e., files within a file) such as a ZIP or MSG or EML file, the PDF add-in automatically scan and include these intrinsic files into the final merged PDF document. The add-in recursively scans upto 3 levels on a composite attachment file (such as zip, MSG or EML file).

bullet Forward existing emails and their attachments as PDF files to other recipients.
bullet Add emails and attachments to an existing PDF file (excellent to maintain a single PDF file or e-book, that contains a record of emails on similar topic).
bullet Automate the PDF output process where it generates PDFs from incoming emails and their attachments – freeing you from performing repetitive tasks (say, for archiving emails/attachments for company record keeping).
bullet Convert non-PDF attachments to PDF before sending a new email, reply or meeting request. The following attachment types would be automatically converted to PDF:


Microsoft Word Files (.docx, .docm, .doc, .dot, .dotx, .dot, .dotm)
Microsoft Excel files (.xl, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .xlam, .xltx, .xltm, .xls, .xlt, .xla, .xlm, .xlw, .uxdc,)
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation files (.pptx, .ppt, .pptm, .ppsx, .pps, .ppsm, .potx, .pot, .potm)
Single File Web Page (.mht; .mhtml)
Web Page (.htm; .html)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Plain Text (.txt, .prn, .csv, .log, .ini, .config)
Programming files (.c, .h, .cs, .vb)
XML Document (.xml)
OpenDocument Formats (.odt, .odp, .odc, .ods)
Works 6.0 – 9.0 (.wps)
Multi-page TIFF (.tif)
1Compressed Zip (.zip)
2MSG Email file (.msg)
3EML Email file (.eml)
4Camera RAW files  (.raw, .nef, .nrw, .cr2, .crw, .pef, .arw, .srw, .sr2, .orf, .mrw, .mdc, .dcr, .kdc, .mos, .erf, .raf, .3fr, .dng, .mef, .rw2, .x3f, .srf, .ari, .bay, .cri, .cap, .iiq, .eip, .dcs, .drf, .k25, .fff, .ptx, .pxn, .r3d, .rwl, .rwz, cs1, cxi, j6i)
Image files
(.bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .pcx, .psd, .cut, .dds, .ico, .lbm, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .psp, .sgi, .tga, .exr, .hdr, .iff, .jng, .ppm, .pgm, .pbm, .pfm, .ras, .wbmp, .xbm, .xpm, .mng, .koa, .j2k, .jp2, .jbig2, .wmf)

1Also supports converting files from inner ZIP file (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
2Also supports converting inner MSG and attachments (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
3Also supports converting inner EML and attachments (embedded within another ZIP/MSG/EML file attachment) to PDF.
4RAW formats and Brand

RAW Extension Brand RAW Extension Brand
raw Panasonic/Leica ari Arri Alexa
nef, nrw Nikon bay Casio
cr2, crw Canon cri Cintel
pef, ptx Pentax cap, iiq, eip Phase One
arw, srf, sr2 Sony x3f Sigma
srw Samsung rw2 Panasonic
orf Olympus fff Imacon/Hasselblad raw
mrw Minolta pxn Logitech
mdc Agfa, Minolta r3d RED Digital Cinema
dcr, dcs, drf, k25, kdc Kodak rwl Leica
mos Leaf rwz Rawzor
erf Epson mef Mamiya
raf Fuki j6i Ricoh
3fr Hasselbald cxi FMAT
dng Adobe cs1 Sinar CaptureShop
Learn more...
bullet Generating a PDF and other document format from an email
bullet Generating PDF files in batch from multiple emails
bullet Generating a merged single PDF file containing multiple emails and attachments
bullet Adding or appending emails and attachments to an existing PDF file
bullet Converting attachments to PDF in outgoing emails
bullet Embedding PDF version of attachments to emails
bullet Automatic embedding of PDF version of attachments back to the Outlook items
bullet Automatic export of PDF from incoming emails
bullet How to maintain a single PDF file for the automatic export for a folder/mailbox
bullet Add Watermark (logo or brand) to PDF
bullet Add PDF security options - Create User Password and permissions
bullet Output settings for generated PDF and other documents



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Now support export of
Attachments to PDF!
Automatically convert attachments to PDF format, either, to corresponding PDF files or, merged along with the email to one PDF.

Supported attachment formats for conversion to PDF - zip, msg, eml, pdf, docx, docm, doc, htm, html, mht, mhtml, dotx, dotm, dot, rtf, txt, odt, wpd, wps, xl, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xlam, xltx, xltm, xls, xlt, xla, xlm, xlw, odc, uxdc, ods, csv, prn, pptx, ppt, pptm, ppsx, pps, ppsm, potx, pot, potm, odp, bmp, cut, dcx, dds, ico, gif, jpg, jpeg, lbm, lif, mdl, pcd, pcx, pic, png, pnm, psd, psp, sgi, raw, tga, tif, tiff, act, pal, wal, raw, nef, nrw, cr2, crw, pef, arw, srw, sr2, orf, mrw, mdc, dcr, kdc, mos, erf, raf, 3fr, dng, mef, rw2, x3f, srf, ari, bay, cri, cap, iiq, eip, dcs, drf, k25, fff, ptx, pxn, r3d, rwl, rwz, cs1, cxi, j6i

Whether the attachments are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Web-pages, plain text documents or Compressed Zip, Email MSG or EML files,  Email to PDF add-in would automatically extract and convert all to PDF. Download your Copy today!


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