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Product Overview
An add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® that enables support team to raise trouble tickets from Outlook emails to one or more SharePoint® lists, in a single click or, on the fly.
Issue Tracker system leverages three of your existing investments in Microsoft – Outlook®, Exchange® and SharePoint® for a consolidated incident ticket management in the organization. It provides an easy way for customer service staffs to collect ticket data from emails, assign technicians and problem areas, set due date and other custom metadata. And then use this information to generate trouble tickets in one of the administrator defined SharePoint lists, where these can be tracked and collaborated with other technicians and stakeholders.

And because SharePoint is used for trouble tickets collection and collaboration, it is highly scalable. And because of users' familiarity with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, it requires no special training or skill sets, resulting in a high rate of user adoption in the organization.

Highlights: (Latest version: v6.0 released on 13th January 2017 - release note)


Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook1 and SharePoint2


Raise trouble tickets from emails in Outlook to one or more SharePoint lists


Export caller contacts, problem descriptions and attachments from emails to the SharePoint tickets


Centralized helpdesk administration - Specify SharePoint lists and perform fields mappings to be used by all technicians. Define drop down lists and streamline the ticket collection behavior


Automatically raise trouble tickets from incoming emails, enforce service level agreements (SLA), assign technician and due date


Automatically track and add technician and caller email responses and replies to ticket


Automatically send out notification alerts to caller or technician on ticket events


Maintain a consolidated and hierarchical view of of email conversations in the ticket


Map and publish only those fields or metadata that you require


Special Outlook views for organizing your published Outlook items


Supports POP, IMAP, Exchange mailbox and Public folders


Special Citrix/Terminal Service installer for enterprise wide deployment


Edit or add comment to existing ticket directly from Outlook


Automatically monitor due date lapse and notify technician and managers


Automatically insert due date appointment into the calendar of the technician


Update a SharePoint Calendar list, with all the ticket due date appointments


Integrated Knowledge Base in Outlook and SharePoint


Search tickets (stored on SharePoint) directly from Outlook


Work on your assigned tickets directly from your Outlook, without ever opening your SharePoint site


Integrated OLAP Statistics & Summary Report Generator tools


Support for Office 2013, Office 2016, SharePoint 2016, Office 365


Available in English, Arabic, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Italian, German, Turkish, Spanish, JapaneseNew
(Translate into your language and earn a free enterprise license!)

1 Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
2 WSS 2, WSS 3, MOSS, SharePoint® 2010, 2013, 2016 (both Foundation and Enterprise Editions), Office 365
   (Also supports SharePoint hosted in Clouds such as Microsoft SharePoint Online part of Office 365 etc.)

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Languages supported


90 days trial

Extendable to another
15 days on request
Country Enterprise License (Unlimited Technician Seats + 3 yrs Support Contract )
USD / ~1246 GBP / ~1891 AUD / ~1972 CAD

Enterprise License (Unlimited Technician Seats + 3 yrs Support Contract  )
USD / ~2181GBP / ~3309 AUD / ~3452 CAD

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License is valid life-time. However, technical assistance and free upgrades are bound to the validity of the Support and Maintenance Contract

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Purpose of this add-on

Many organizations today are migrating their customer support mechanism to SharePoint, due to it's relatively ease of access, collaboration and centralized storage and management features. However, the inbuilt issue tracking list template in SharePoint is only good for basic tracking requirement and lacks the automation and sophistication, to function as an effective helpdesk system. There is no direct and easy way to source the ticket information, say from your emails in Outlook, except to resort to copy-paste trick, which is time consuming and laborious, and not to mention, the precious human resources needed for data gathering.


Moreover, one of the important goals for a helpdesk is staying on top on the growing amount of support request emails from end-users. But without an organized and structured link between Outlook and SharePoint, caller and problem information from Outlook mails cannot be added or updated to SharePoint tickets in a timely manner. This can lead to delay in response time and even support requests falling through the crack. These limitations prevent many helpdesk teams from implementing an effective SharePoint based issue tracking system.


Issue Tracking System overcomes this limitation by extending your Outlook as an ideal platform to raise trouble tickets from emails to one or more SharePoint lists. With a click of a button in Outlook, it can analyze your emails and collect ticket specific information such as contact details and problem description.

Screenshot: To raise a trouble ticket in SharePoint from an email, click a SharePoint list from the 'Raise Ticket in' drop down list.


It also allows the manager to add more information to the ticket, such as, the technician that will be responsible for solving the ticket, due date by which the issue should be resolved, and problem category and any number of custom metadata.

Screenshot: Manager can add more information on the problem, caller etc. to the generated ticket


Once a trouble ticket is generated successfully in the chosen SharePoint list, information regarding the ticket, such as the ticket ID, data/time and the URL to the SharePoint ticket are tagged and embedded into the email item in Outlook. This not only provides an easy way to go to the ticket directly, but also prevents other technicians from generating a duplicate ticket.

Screenshot: After a ticket is created, the mail item is tagged with information on the trouble ticket such as Ticket ID and URL


In the SharePoint ticket item, most of the fields are populated with the metadata information extracted from the Outlook mail item. For example, the caller contacts detail, the problem description, subject, attachments, formatting and style, inline images and links are retained in the ticket. Also notice that, further information fed by the manager in Outlook, such as the responsible technician, due date, problem category, type and status and other custom fields data are also available in this ticket.

Screenshot: This is how the trouble ticket in the SharePoint list looks like


Explore some of the major features of Issue Tracker system that extends the functionality and usability of the SharePoint based Issue Tracking List by10 folds, through integration of Microsoft Outlook.


Raise trouble tickets from Outlook to SharePoint


Work and update SharePoint ticket directly from Outlook


Conversation Threading - Get the Complete Picture of the problem


Generate live trouble tickets from Incoming emails on the fly


Send automatic notifications and alerts


Integrated Knowledge base


Summary Reports and Statistics - Reporting, Charting, and Data Analysis

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Quickly learn how to configure, deploy and use Issue Tracker System for incident ticket management in Outlook and SharePoint.


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Personal Issue Tracker
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