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The Personal Edition is meant for a one-person helpdesk and the functionality is limited to a single system. The Team Edition, on the other hand, is designed for team environment with Microsoft Exchange Server (can be even hosted exchange) as the central data source. It enables multiple technicians to share and collaborate on support cases from their Outlook client.


The Personal edition inherits almost all the features and functionalities of the Team edition except for the strip down differentiator of the followings:


Helpdesk for Outlook

Personal Team
Number of Technicians

(Single technician only)

10 seats/Unlimited seats

Scope of helpdesk


(Accessible from a single system)


(Accessible from Unlimited number of systems)

Sharing and Collaboration on support cases
Technician Web Access (TWA)*
Customer Web Service (CWS)**
Escalation to helpdesk supervisors
Cost (One-time license fee)

200 USD


(3 Years support contract included)

1200 USD for enterprise license with 10 seats.

2000 USD to 3500 USD for enterprise license with unlimited seats.

(3 years support contract included)


*Enables remote technician to view, work, create, close or re-opened cases all through the comfort of a web browser. Learn more about Technician Web Access (TWA)

**Enables end-users to submit, check status and browse through the knowledge base articles online. Additionally, existing callers can login into the Caller Web Access (CWA) site to access their cases and escalate, withdraw ongoing cases or re-open closed cases. Learn more about Customer Web Service (CWS)

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