Managers often find it difficult to get the correct insights from their emails, appointments or tasks that are tagged with projects or some business data. Though Outlook views are excellent way of presenting information in a more obvious way in folder, it does not give you the summarized data that one needs often, to see broader trends based on aggregation, and to see these trends broken down by any number of variables. Given that the generalization of information using Outlook views are constrained by a few fields (or dimensions) at a time, it is hard to fully evaluate a complex set of answers without the ability to inspect each dimension in detail, while at the same time, preserving context eliminating all guesswork.

Mining intelligence and insights from Outlook emails, appointments or tasks

The AssistMyTeam OLAP tool for Outlook is designed to give you a simple and yet powerful tool to configure OLAP cube from your mailbox, and then analyze and create reports straightaway, out of the box. It is perfectly suited to spot new trends and discover unknown problems from your Inbox, Calendar or Task folders. The tool allows you to define any field as the measure with different function – sum, count, distinct count, maximum, minimum etc, against which statistics is to be executed. Real strength of this tool is its ability to examine and view data in ways not ordinarily possible. By allowing varying levels of granularity during data inspection and visualization, a lot of information can be revealed that would otherwise be hard to attain. Now it is easier than ever to spot new trends and easily answer many of the perspective information which otherwise are hidden.

AssistMyTeam OLAP tool for Outlook

On every outlook folder, you will find the OLAP toolbar, containing two buttons – first one enables you to choose which fields or dimensions (including user defined ones) to include in the statistic. It also lets you define which fields will act as ‘measures‘ in the function column. Selected fields and other settings are saved for that specific folder so that when you come back to this folder next time, it will show the same selected fields.

AssistMyTeam OLAP Client tool

As seen in the screenshot above, user-defined fields are distinctly highlighted for easy recognition. For example, States, TotalCost, RegionWise are user-defined fields in this task folder. You can also add new OLAP fields – a composite (also known as hierarchy) or a calculated field, based on the existing member fields of Outlook. OLAP fields are also colored differently for easy recognition (e.g., green)

New OLAP composite dimension – E.g., Projects per Country

New OLAP calculated member – E.g., Projects Total Cost

Then you can run the statistics tool from the toolbar or from the fields selection dialog. Depending on the number of folder items, it might take a few seconds to generate the cube from the Outlook folder, before loading the OLAP Statistics tool, as shown below.

When you click the ‘Run Statistics‘ button, it would generate a cube from the particular Outlook folder (e.g., Inbox or Calendar), which will be loaded in the OLAP Statistics tool. This tool consists of the Grid and Chart Views. On the left is the Cube structure – measures and hierarchies as a tree. The measures are grouped in the set, displayed in the branch. All the rest of the tree nodes are the dimensions that contain hierarchies. You can then drag dimensions (fields) from the cube structure to the pivot areas (Columns and Rows areas), and then select a measure or two from the cube, and drag it to the values area to generate the statistics.

OLAP Grid view

The OLAP Client Grid view (above) is comprised of a multi-dimensional table with expandable nodes. These nodes group and display data according to the hierarchies used to define the measures and dimensions upon which the underlying data has been organized. In tandem with the OLAP Chart view, the OLAP Grid view provides an ideal means of clearly conveying data to the user. It is highly navigable and quickly provides detailed information to the user. The speed with which data recall occurs and the strong formatting the grid enforces ensure data is always presentable and easily understandable. Consequently, OLAP Grid views can easily be ported to spreadsheet applications for report compilation purposes.

You can navigate through these dimensions by drilling down, rolling up, or drilling across. You can drill down to access the detailed level of data, or roll up to see the summarized data. You can roll up through the hierarchy levels of dimensions or to specific characteristics or data elements (columns) of the dimensions. You can also drill across dimensions to access the data of interrelated dimensions. In addition, you can set one of these powerful computational functions such as sum, averages, distinct count, maximum, minimum etc. for the measure field.

OLAP Chart view

While the Grid view (below) allows working with numbers, chart view allows representing your data graphically. This gives you and your team a unique opportunity to analyze data visually, dealing with charts rather than numbers, which is much easier to perceive. Now it’s easier than ever to spot new trends and discover unknown problems in your data flow. The statistical tool will help you gain an insight into your data and make new discoveries.

Exporting to file

After a particular snapshot of the statistics is achieved, If you need to share or publish the statistical findings, export it to image, PDF, Excel etc, or print it.

You also have the options to save the pivot settings to file, for accessing the same snapshot in future. If your database is located on a network, you can also save the cube data to file such that you can work offline with the cube, even when the database is not available, or when the network is disconnected.


AssistMyTeam OLAP tool for Microsoft Outlook provides managers with the unique ability to explore metadata and project information stored in emails or appointments in multidimensional view in the form of grids, charts and graphs. With support most common operations such as pivoting, drill down/slice and dice, filtering etc., you and your management team can re-engineer your business processes, reinforce resources and forecast problem areas and exploit all these factors for competitive advantage.

To put in perspective, this OLAP tool can:

  • Represent Outlook fields (including custom fields) as OLAP dimensions, which are naturally interrelated through functional subject areas.
  • Provide an OLAP Grid view with support for a multi-dimensional table with expandable nodes. Unique features of control allows for building the OLAP-reports of the exceptional level of complexity.
  • Provide an OLAP Chart view that allows representing the data graphically. This gives you a unique opportunity to analyze your business data visually, dealing with charts rather than numbers, which is much easier to perceive.
  • Enable you to navigate through these dimensions by drilling down, rolling up, or drilling across – drill down to access the detailed level of data, or roll up to see the summarized data. Roll up through the hierarchy levels of dimensions or to specific characteristics or data elements (columns) of the dimensions. Drill across dimensions to access the data of interrelated dimensions.
  • Provide powerful computational functions such as sum, averages, distinct count, maximum, minimum etc. for the measure field (when creating the cube).
  • Allow you to save the current state of the statistics in the Grid/Chart working area to a report view file, with specific member fields on the pivot panels (Rows and Column areas) and measure fields in the values area. You can use this report view file in future, to retain back the same state of statistics.
  • Support exporting reports to a wide range of formats including Excel, Adobe PDF, XML, bitmaps or web pages.

To get more info about the tool, you can visit –


It is almost 3 years ago AssistMyTeam was conceived and founded and it has come a long way since. The journey and experience has been worthwhile in-spite of all the challenges, stumbling blocks and failures that are associated with a start-up. Today, I am proud to say, it is a pioneer in providing IT business and CRM solutions on three of Microsoft Core platforms – Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. Our clienteles include some big names in the fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Samsung, Goodrich, Cybercom, Fujitsu, Capital Finance Company etc. (see the complete list). This is a testimony to the high quality standards we have set in all our products and solutions. Reliable, highly scalable and cost effective solutions are what drives our applications in helping businesses and teams become more information-driven, even more dynamic.

Our foremost task at this point is to make all our products compatible with the new Microsoft Office 2013. With every new Office release, there are changes in workflows and user interface and this is where the time consuming tasks are. We have to make a middle path where the new features in the new Office version is supported without breaking the existing compatibility with older versions of Office. Because quite often many IT departments feel comfortable with their existing versions of Office and seldom rush to adopt new versions. Another challenge we are tackling currently is supporting both 32 bit and 64 bit native versions of Microsoft Office applications. The queries and pressure from prospective and existing users for 64 bit compatibility has lead us to prioritize our short term goals and push back new product development and release. Moreover, who would want to lose a half of Office 64 bit users!

I am very excited about 2013 as what we design and build these moments will steer the direction of AssistMyTeam for the next 5 years – which is exploiting the cloud computing services that Microsoft is focusing on for their office applications. Microsoft Office 365 Exchange and SharePoint Online are such offerings and we have seen in the last year alone, one-third of our clienteles were already using these cloud based services. So, we had been investing heavily in term of funds and development to support Office 365 on all our products. And we are glad that we made the right move.

I also want to reflect on our commitment for giving back to the community. But before that, let me emphasis on an old saying – success is just not merely a reward, rather it is a responsibility. I believe any business, no matter how small or big, can give back to improve the lives of others. And I truly value the exposure and goodwill generated by such acts of kindness. Since its founding, I offer free licenses to use my products to educational institutions and universities around the world. And that tradition is still continued today and I am happy that more than 80 institutions and renowned universities have implemented one or more of my products and solutions in their workstations and departments. Notable among them are in the top ten world ranking including University of Cambridge, University College London (UCL), University of Oxford, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Columbia University, Stanford University, Australian National University, Canberra. (see the complete list)

So, if you represent an educational institution/university/non-profit organization and would like to use one or more of my software solutions, don’t miss this opportunity. Simply write to us (or refer to this page) to participate in our academic license programs.


Today, 64 bit processors are found in most of our consumer and business systems. Because of its inherent capacity to support more virtual and physical memory than 32-bit ones, business users now can work with larger documents and files to perform big computation. So no wonder when Microsoft released the first native 64 bit Office 2010 some 3 years back, it was a defining enhancement for the power users and data analysis experts, as it allows to access more than 2 gigabytes of addressable memory. Office 2013 is the latest release to have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Though a 64 bit office provides the advantage of using larger memory, the downside is that most application extensions such as third party add-ins, Active-X controls and other in-house solutions build on earlier versions of office are incompatible on 64 bit native office applications. This is one of reason why Microsoft recommends most users to install 32 bit version of Office by default.

So why am I stressing on the 64 bit Office suddenly? Yes, now we have a new release of our mailbox ticketing solution (Team Issue Tracker for Outlook & SharePoint) that works seamlessly on both 32 bit and 64 bit native versions of Office 2010 and 2013. The old COM based add-in was totally overhauled and then ported to .NET framework (3.5). Now, you are no longer forced to use the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office/Outlook, just because you want to use our ticketing solution. The new Issue Tracking add-in version works with your 64-bit Microsoft Outlook. And how can you find out if you have 32-bit or 64-bit of Microsoft Outlook? Very simple, open Outlook  and go to File > About Microsoft Outlook. And in the About dialog box, 32 bit or 64 bit is appended at the end of the title.

About Microsoft Outlook dialog box showing 32 bit or 64 bit

Developing a solution to be used in both 32 bit and 64 bit Office applications are not only mired with compatibility issues, but also the headache of maintaining separate builds and installation medias for each Office version. And note that, the older version of Issue Tracker was programmed extensively with legacy codes that were exclusively for 32 bit platforms. And that didn’t make our life easier. No doubt, it was a considerable effort making the switch but well worth the time and investment as newer Office releases will ultimately do away with the ActiveX and COM based in-process applications. Moreover, the inclusion of Visual Basic 6 run-time in newer Windows (9 and above) is most unlikely. So, for us. the switch has allowed us to use and capitalize the various components and services available in.NET framework in our existing products. And the end result is a product that is much more user friendly, features packed and able to fully exploit the new ribbon interface.

Another enhancement is the grid control. The new release uses a native .NET grid 3rd party component which is a big improvement from the older grids. Support for new data types such as bar codes, images, sorting of columns, spanning of cells etc. are some of them. Furthermore, the new looks is in ‘sync’ with the looks and feel of Office user interface.

The new .NET grid

A single universal installer is used for both 32 bit and 64 bit. All you need to do is run it and the windows installer would automatically perform the required installation based on the version of your Office.

To learn more about ‘Team Issue Tracker for Outlook & SharePoint’, refer to the product page
To learn more about the changes and fixes done in the new release, refer to Version history page



In an effort to help professors, scientists, researchers and staffs to take advantage of their organization’s investment in Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint, AssistMyteam SMB Solutions has launched the Acadamic Programme for educational institutions and universities. The Programme allows the Institution the right to use an unlimited number of my products for educational purposes, free of charge, with surprisingly little bureaucracy! This includes the enterprise groupware products such as Team Helpdesk, Team TimeSheet and Team Publisher. The programme can cover any disciplines and departments, engineering, science or arts course.  It will come in force starting 1st May 2011. More instructions would be posted on this blog soon.

The following products will be offered for FREE licenses:

Document Exporter for Outlook
Document Exporter for Internet Explorer
Attachment Manager for Outlook
Database Exporter for Outlook
OLAP Statistics & Reporting for Outlook
OLAP Statistics & Reporting for SharePoint
OLAP Statistics & Reporting for Access
Team KB for Outlook
Team Helpdesk for Outlook
Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint
Team TimeSheet for Outlook
Team TimeSheet for Outlook & SharePoint
Team Publisher for Outlook & SharePoint

Having been in this ISV business for a year, there is a thing or two to celebrate – because with the financial year end, our premium clients with enterprise licenses have now crossed 100 (102 to be precises as of today). Total licenses sold during the financial year stands at 368, of which 102 are enterprise license, and rest personal licenses. Of the 102 enterprise licenses acquired, 9 comes under the Non-Profit License scheme, and were granted to educational institutions, universities and other non-profit organizations around the world.

Premium clients list with enterprise licenses now updated on the website:

Danfoss India Pvt. Ltd
University of Cambridge
Hunter Water Australia
SOS-Kinderdorf International
Tometich Engineering, Inc
KTH Sales, Inc.
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Daily Legal News, Cleveland
Diserio Martin O’Connor & Castiglioni LLP
Library of Congress
Res Consortium Ltd
Ingersoll-Rand plc, Dublin, Ireland
JTM Clinical Services, LLC, Hilliard
City of Thornton
Weeks Marine, Inc., Cranford
iiNet Australia
Creative State, Tulsa
Jenson Pharmaceutical Services Ltd
Amtac Professional Services, Australia
The Codemasters Software Company Limited
Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
Nooter Corporation
National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA)
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
CenturyTel, Inc
DCI Cheese Company, Inc., Santa Rosa
CSC Holdings, LLC.
Correctional Healthcare Companies
Lifespan, Providence
Arcor Germany
Medisse BV, Netherlands
Danfoss Australia Pty Ltd
INITSOL, Germany
Elkonor, Norway
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Canada
Blycolin, Netherlands
Hestia Housing & Support, UK
Professional Computer Systems
Notore Chemical Industries
Dynamix Consulting Corp.
Thybar – Roof Curb Products
Bridge Betriebsdaten AG
Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene
Peachtree Special Risk Brokers
Polycor Inc.
Austrian Development Cooperation
Turf Care Products Canada Limited
Tidsam AB
Wells Fargo
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)
James Madison University
INSEAD The Business School for the World
The Financial Services School, Queensland
AGIL Freight Logistics Group
Bryan, Pendleton, Swats & McAllister, LLC
Virgin Media, UK
eircom Limited, Dublin
Vestil Manufacturing
CFP Solutions Limited, UK
CenturyTel, Inc
Aerial Cartographics of America, Inc
LogIn, Inc
Columbia University, City of New York
Merial Ltd
Buck Consultants, LLC
Widerøe Internet AS
Marcuard Family Office Ltd
Bell Canada
Shaw Communications
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd
ProSys, Inc
FUJITSU United States
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston, Texas
Justified Type
Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation
GMX International
Mailing Services of Pittsburgh (MSP)
Hindustan Engineering
Sibcy Cline Realtors®
Swan Analytische Instrumente AG
The Kroger Co.
Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)
Valassis Communications, Inc
Fire Creek Resources Ltd.
MASS Precision, Inc
Glenwood, Inc
Camber Corporation
SOS Children’s Villages International
North Star, Minnesota State Government Online
Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
Curtis & Green LLP
Watervliet City Council
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)
Berman Printing Company
Road Runner HoldCo LLC
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