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After Arabic support, Issue Tracker ticketing application is now available in French. And no, there is no separate, parallel versions. Instead, the application have cumulative multilingual support in one single package. So, one can change the language in a single click. It is as simple as that!

IT workers around the world have spoken, and they are not all speaking English. In fact, a quarter of our revenue originates from outside the English speaking regions. In light of this revelation, it has been our endeavor always to have support for as many languages spoken around the world in our solutions. It has been our policy to think ‘global’ from day one, especially when the product’s country of origin does not matter to consumers. Because of this aspiration, we had recently launched ‘Language Partner Program’ whereby one can become a volunteer in translating one or more of our products in one’s native language. In return for their contribution and service, we provide our language partners with a variety of benefits and rewards such as free enterprise license to our products, life-time support etc. You can read more on our ‘Language Partner Program’ in my previous blog One such partner is Nicholas Clement and their team who had given their valuable service in translating our Issue Tracker application to French. We express our thanks and gratitude for their contribution.

Team Issue Tracker: ribbon in the Outlook explorer window

Team Issue Tracker: the inspector window of the email in Outlook

Team Issue Tracker: The ticket form used in Outlook to raise a new ticket to SharePoint directly.

Team Issue Tracker: The helpdesk settings data source panel

Team Issue Tracker: The mapping of fields between Outlook and SharePoint

Team Issue Tracker: The email templates manager console

Team Issue Tracker: The admin settings console

Team Issue Tracker: The personal prefences panel. Here in the last tab, notice that you can switch the language to be used in the UI by selecting one from the drop down. for example, French

Team Issue Tracker: The ticket search tool

You can also be our language partner and translate our product to your language and receive many benefits. Read more


Our clienteles are located mostly in the English-speaking world. And so far, I had not been proactive enough to extend support for internationalization in our solutions. The obvious reason being the high cost factor associated with professional translation services. Moreover, our products keep on evolving which means new patches and changes would need to go back to the same translation mechanism. In short, this recurring relationship comes at a high cost and effort, something we don’t have the capacity for at this juncture. However, recently I was analyzing the annual reports of problem areas reported from our users in our archive emails of our mailbox. And to my surprise, 18% of the queries were related to native language support in our apps. And assuming those who wrote to us were a marginal minority, I would imagine the vast majority of non-English users would have simply moved on to search for another similar solution. So, the fact that nearly a fifth of potential non-English customers contacted us is enough to instill a reawakening in our approach towards supporting internationalization in our products.

What is Language partners program? It is a way for one to become a volunteer in translating one or more of our products in one’s native language. Our language partners help us translate our products into the diverse languages people speak across the globe. They do so by lending us their language and communication skills. In return for their work and time, we provide our language partners with a variety of benefits and rewards such as

  • FREE enterprise license (unlimited seats) for use within your organization only for the product being translated.
  • FREE life-time upgrades to new versions
  • FREE life-time support subscriptions
  • Recognition on our Language Partners web page, including your name, a brief profile (optional) and a complimentary link to your website (if you have one)

So, what are the requirements to becoming a Language Partner? Not much actually..

  • You must be a native speaker of a language other than English, along with a thorough understanding of how to read and write in your native language.
  • You must be able to speak, read and understand English well enough that our team can communicate with you.

After applying to our Language Partners Program, your request will be reviewed. If you are selected, I will be in touch with you and will ensure you are provided with all the files and tools necessary to start the translation process.

What are the products for which we are seeking language partners for? Currently, the products for which we invite language partners are:

Our localization effort was first initiated with ‘Team Helpdesk for Outlook‘ and today, it supports 8 European languages – Español, Norwegian, Dutch, Deutsch, French, Finnish, Swedish and of course English. This multilingual support is only possible because of valuable contribution from our own users based in these regions, who volunteered to translate the English phrases to their corresponding native language. I have come to realize that our own customers are more than eager to help us out in translation because the values and solutions provided by our products are unmatched. Moreover, their working policy and culture is based on their native language and so are the applications they come to rely on.

The most recent language support added is for Arabic in ‘Team Issue Tracker for Outlook & SharePoint‘. Unlike other European languages that are based on Latin, languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc. are not. Simply put, it requires more work and effort to work with unicode characters. To give a preview, here are some screenshots

1. The Explorer Ribbon interface in Outlook 2013

in English

in Arabic


2. Ticket form in Outlook

in English

in Arabic


3. The Administrator console panel in Outlook

in English

in Arabic

Meeting the needs of our international customers means ensuring our products are properly translated into their native language. To be able to do this, I am counting on our Language Partners Program and hope this relationship would be a win-win situation for the participating volunteers and for our products in getting a wider audiences. If you or your organization would want to join this program, please do write to me and I will be happy to offer you whatever I can in return for your valuable time and effort. To learn more, visit the language partners page

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